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  1. Lockheed C-5 Galaxy USAF Transport | Military Machine
  2. Lockheed Martin Concludes Super Galaxy Update Program
  3. The modernization push
  4. Lockheed receives contract for additional C-5 support

The C-5M Super Galaxy is an upgraded version with new engines and modernized avionics designed to extend its service life beyond Work for the new deal will take place in Arizona, Puerto Rico, Washington, and New Mexico and is scheduled to be completed by the end of January The aircraft can haul twice as much cargo as any other airlifter. It has been in service for the US Air Force since and supported military operations in all major conflicts. The Air Force currently owns 52 Super Galaxy aircraft, which are only assigned to four units worldwide. Work is scheduled to be finished by January 25, Mike Semo, C-5M Pilot click to play video.

C-5 in RERP click to view full.

Lockheed C-5 Galaxy USAF Transport | Military Machine

DSRV-1 loading click to view full. C-5M takeoff click to view full. C-5M test flight click to view full. C-5, Antarctica click to view full. Engines - Aircraft. Equipment - Other. Heavy Bombers. Protective Systems - Aircraft. Specialty Aircraft. Electronics - General. Control Systems. IT - Cyber-Security.

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Lockheed Martin Concludes Super Galaxy Update Program

Forces - Special Ops. Forces - Strategic. Policy - Doctrine. Policy - Personnel. Policy - Procurement.

The C-5’s AMP-RERP

Warfare - Lessons. Warfare - Trends. Protective Systems - Naval. Sensors - Aquatic. Surface Ships - Combat. Surface Ships - Other. Bombs - Cluster. Bombs - General. Bombs - Smart. Guns - mm direct. Guns - Naval. Guns - Personal Weapons. Guns - under 20mm direct. Missiles - Air-Air. Missiles - Anti-Armor. Missiles - Anti-Ship. Missiles - Ballistic. Missiles - Precision Attack. Missiles - Surface-Air. Non-Lethal Weapons. Other Weapons. Remote Weapons Systems.

Underwater Weapons. GPS Infrastructure. Launch Facilities. Launch Vehicles. Space Warfare. Biological Weapons. Chemical Weapons. Nuclear Weapons. WMD Defenses. WMD Detection. WMD Proliferation.

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    The modernization push

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    Lockheed receives contract for additional C-5 support

    South Korea. The C-5 Galaxy has been operated solely by the U. Air Force since and is the largest strategic airlifter in the U. Air Force's fleet. The C-5 is capable of carrying two ton M1A1 main battle tanks or helicopters and other large equipment intercontinental distances. Fully loaded, a C-5 has a gross weight of more than , pounds. All of the C-5s were built at Lockheed Martin's Marietta site. About Lockheed Martin Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland , Lockheed Martin is a global security and aerospace company that employs approximately , people worldwide and is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services.

    This year the company received three Edison Awards for ground-breaking innovations in autonomy, satellite technology and directed energy. Contact Us. The C-5 Galaxy is one of the largest aircraft in the world. This workhorse is part of a modernization program to extend the life of the aircraft into the 21st century.

    Air Force illustration. Skip to main content Press Enter. Related Links. Its primary mission is to transport cargo and personnel for the Department of Defense. Currently the U. It can carry oversized cargo over intercontinental ranges and can take off and land on relatively short runways. Both the nose and aft doors open, allowing ground crews to simultaneously load and off-load cargo from both ends, reducing cargo transfer times.

    The full-width drive-on ramps at each end enable double rows of vehicles to be transported. The maintenance diagnostics system has the ability to record and analyze data from more than 7, test points, reducing maintenance and repair time. The C-5M, with a cargo load of , pounds , kilograms , can fly 2, nautical miles, offload, and fly to a second base nautical miles away from the original destination — all without aerial refueling.

    With aerial refueling, the aircraft's range is limited only by crew endurance.

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    7. Lockheed C-5 Galaxy.
    8. History Lockheed-Georgia Co. The C-5B included more than additional system modifications to improve reliability and maintainability. Based on a study showing 80 percent of the C-5 airframe service life remaining, Air Mobility Command began an aggressive program to modernize the C-5s in The C-5 Avionics Modernization Program included upgrading the avionics to improve communications, as well as upgrading the navigation, surveillance and air traffic management systems to maintain compliance with national and international airspace requirements.