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Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview This book presents a comprehensive study of the nonlinear statics and dynamics of composite beams and consists of solutions with and without active elements embedded in the beams. The static solution provides the initial conditions for the dynamic analysis. The dynamic problems considered include the analyses of clamped hingeless and articulated hinged accelerating rotating beams. Two independent numerical solutions for the steady state and the transient responses are presented.

The author illustrates that the transient solution of the nonlinear formulation of accelerating rotating beam converges to the steady state solution obtained by the shooting method. Other key areas considered include calculation of the effect of perturbing the steady state solution, coupled nonlinear flap-lag dynamics of a rotating articulated beam with hinge offset and aerodynamic damping, and static and dynamic responses of nonlinear composite beams with embedded anisotropic piezo-composite actuators.

The book is intended as a thorough study of nonlinear elasticity of slender beams and is targeted to researchers, graduate students, and practicing engineers in the fields of structural dynamics, aerospace structures, and mechanical engineering.

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About the Author Dr. Mehrdaad Ghorashi is a Professional Engineer P. Ghorashi has a B. However, EEs can be effectively used to overcome this drawback resulting in a continuous stress variation through the thickness. The values of shear stress reported in present paper are evaluated using EEs. The present theory predicts the values that are in good agreement with semi-analytical solutions.

Statics And Rotational Dynamics Of Composite Beams -

It can be observed from Table 6 , that for unsymmetric cross-ply laminates with aspect ratio 5, the percentage error is 0. For same case, third order theory TOT gives over-prediction of 3. This is consistently found for symmetric cross-ply as well as sandwich beam. Accuracy of shear stress increases for beams with transversely flexible layers. This effect is depicted in Table 10 and it can be observed that percentage error for NSDT-1 to 4 is 0.

Accuracy of results further increases with increase in aspect ratio of beams. In the present paper, a novel, generalized Normal and Shear Deformation Theory NSDT is developed for incorporating shear deformations as well as normal deformations consistent with different warping functions.

Large displacement analysis of naturally curved and twisted composite beams

The present theory is based on the concept of improvement in the kinematics of beam with inclusion of normal deformability. It is a displacement based refined shear and normal deformation theory, where the shear deformation and transverse flexibility in the beam are properly accounted. The governing differential equations and the associated boundary conditions are variationally consistent. The flexural behaviors of thick laminated and sandwich beams under plane stress conditions are studies using NSDT and the results obtained are compared with those of other theories.

The important observations several features of the present theory are given below:. The results obtained by the present theory are accurate as seen from the comparison with available results and are in general, superior to those of other refined shear deformation theories. NSDT predicts displacements and stresses accurately than other higher order theories for beams with transversely flexible layers. Transverse shear stresses obtained either by constitutive relations or by integrating equilibrium equations satisfy shear stress free conditions on the top and bottom surfaces of the beam.

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Statics and Rotational Dynamics of Composite Beams

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Rotational Motion Physics, Basic Introduction, Angular Velocity & Tangential Acceleration

A simple higher-order theory for laminated composites, J. Applied Mechanics; Reissner, E. On transverse bending of plates, including the effect of transverse shear deformation, Int. Solids and Structures, Shimpi, R. A layerwise trigonometric shear deformation theory for two layered cross-ply laminated beams, J.

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Reinforced Plastic Composites, Soldatos, K. A transverse shear deformation theory for homogeneous monoclinic plates," Act Mech, A transverse shear and normal deformable orthotropic beam theory, Journal of Sound and Vibration, 3: Timoshenko, S. On the correction for shear of the differential equation for transverse vibrations of prismatic bars, Philosophical Magazine, Series 6; Touratier, M.

Vinson, J. Composite materials and their use in structures, Applied Science, London. Learn more Check out.

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