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South Korean music portal IZM , included the song on their list of "10 singles that represented " explaining "There was no other song this year that expressed more precisely the precious, small, and pure emotion that wells up when penning a letter for someone you love all night as this one.

The song shot to the top of the Instiz iChart upon release, and eventually achieved a Perfect All-Kill, as the single hit Number 1 on all of the major South Korean music sites simultaneously.

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Upon its week of release, the song placed second on the Gaon Digital Charts for the 12th charting week of the year - March 19 to March 25 - despite being released the 24th of that month. On the week of release, the song sold , downloads according to Gaon; a number which increased to , during its second week of release.

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It is one of the fastest songs to achieve such milestone that included the song's Some 33 weeks , the song's Galaxy 40 weeks and the song's I Will Go to You Like the First Snow 36 weeks. By the end of , 2,, downloads of the song have been sold in South Korea according to Gaon - making it the second best selling song of the year after Ailee's I Will Go to You Like the First Snow , and has accumulated ,, streams, making it one of the most popular songs of the year by this method of consumption as well.

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The track also debuted at number one on both Gaon's Mobile and Background Music charts, solidifying the song's omnipresence in the industry. The accompanying music video was directed by Rae-kyung Lee, and released alongside the song. IU is seen flipping through the pages of a book. The music begins with the pressing of a cassette tape, giving the music video an old-timey feel.

SHINE BRIGHT THROUGH THE NIGHT WALK — Michelle's Action Angels Community Outreach

The video consists of the singer waiting alone throughout the traditional house. She is styled in traditional clothing, and occasionally is singing into an antique microphone in different shots. The lack of action reflects the lyrical message of loneliness in the song. In an Instagram post, the director answered fan questions about the props used throughout the video.

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It was chosen in an effort to incorporate books with vertical writing to add to the old-fashioned theme of the music video. The video currently has over 65 million views making it the second most popular Korean music video by a female soloist in Upon the release of her album "Palette", IU began promoting on music shows.

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IU has also performed this song during the th episode of Picnic Live Season 2. Yu Huiyeol's Sketchbook was another televised broadcast featuring a performance of the song.

Reading through the Night

IU has also presented the song at various concerts and musical festivals throughout the year, where the song's great popularity frequently led the audience to sing-along, which IU often encourages. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Song by IU. Retrieved April 21, Gaon Music Chart. Retrieved Retrieved December 15, Find Song Tempo. Retrieved 5 April IZM in Korean.

When Do Babies Sleep Through the Night?

Retrieved April 22, Gaon Chart. Retrieved 12 January Retrieved 11 January Gaon Music Chart in Korean. June 21, Retrieved June 21, I bulk buy them every few months to save cash, but recently have been thinking about how much more environmentally-friendly it would be to have a reusable pair. On paper they sound perfect, but how do they fare in real life? The plugs use metal to block sound, rather than absorbing it like my beloved foam ear plugs, according to the website.

When I open the box there are two metal shafts one for each ear alongside varying-sized pieces of black foam, which you attach to each size of the metal depending on your ear canal size, I guess.

This is mainly because of the rigid metal core with foam pieces on each side unlike my usual ones that can be squished in any position or direction. I follow the instructions on how to slot them into your ear comfortably on the pack, and it takes a bit of wiggling until they slot in and the sound around me becomes muffled. For the first night, I use the medium-sized buds.

The sounds are gone and I fall to sleep. The sounds of my flatmates are muffled and near non-existent, but as I try and fall asleep I realise how aware I am that they are in my ears.